Papers on Culturing Amanita Muscara and Other Amanita Species

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Papers on Culturing Amanita Muscara and Other Amanita Species

Post by BlueJersey112 » Fri Dec 11, 2020 3:38 pm

After seeing the video 'Can We Grow Amanitas?': I did some digging and found that several Amanita species (including Amanita Muscaria) have been grown in the lab; both with and without inoculation of trees. I searched 'amanita culture' on Google Scholar and found multiple downloadable PDFs.

Note that most of the papers don't list culturing/growing them as the subject of their paper, but as a method listed in the paper. Also, the term 'pure isolate' also refers to mycelium cultures. Some of these papers are for growing other Amanita species but I decided to include them for further information on growing methods.

Some of the media/substrates I saw were Modified Melin-Norkrans Medium (MMN), Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA), and Malt-Extract Agar (MEA).

Here are some sources (all of which can be downloaded for free via Google Scholar):

[includes growth rates of Muscaria] Morphological and molecular characterisation of mycelia of ectomycorrhizal fungi in pure culture ... ulture.pdf

Effect of carbon and nitrogen sources, pH and temperature on in vitro culture of several isolates of Amanita caesarea(Scop.:Fr.) Pers.
^^^ Listed under Materials and Methods section ... copFr_Pers

Ectomycorrhizae formed in vitro by quaking aspen: including Inocybe Lacera and Amanita Pantherina ... pantherina

In vitro mycorrhization and acclimatization of Amanita Caesareoide sand its relatives on Pinus densiflora ... densiflora

Mycelial growth properties of an Amanita javanica strain under various culture conditions ... 769742.pdf

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