Amazing spontaneous HEALING JOURNEY

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Re: Amazing spontaneous HEALING JOURNEY

Post by amanitadreamer » Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:07 pm

Arktos wrote:
Tue Jun 07, 2022 7:34 pm
I am currently going through a book by van der Kolk: The body keeps the score.
I love that book.
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Re: Amazing spontaneous HEALING JOURNEY

Post by Arktos » Thu Jul 14, 2022 9:27 am

Yes, I got C-PTSD since 51 years that is not treatable, so I need to learn how to cope with that. The book was an eye opener where my doctors failed. Amanita is strange that I can not have great expectations on it. I can not plan the effect. The effect varies beyond the content, when using same batch. Also, for me, the first dose has most effect, I get one shot at the time and can not enhance the effect with added dose. It makes the use a bit random. I sometimes need macrodose but never know what to expect. But what I get is relief from stress and my mind finds its home, so to speak. When it comes to the journey into myself, meditation with some special attention is what is needed. Amanita helps to unlock but is later not needed other than when stress gets too much. When it comes to inflammation, intermittent fasting has greatest effect, but when combining with eating. Intermittent fasting for longer periods or all the time feels not good. Fasting is like Amanita, should be used with care and is alone no solution. Variation seems to be the key, so that the body can rest and work with different aspects of life at different times, and not need to struggle with everything all the time. For me, three days fasting with fasting mimicking diet has the effect needed to ease the body. I plan to do that every second week until I can feel I have reached a goal. Then I can fast more seldom, I hope eventually twice a year or so. There is science that explains the effect of fasting, and it even got Nobel Prize.
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Re: Amazing spontaneous HEALING JOURNEY

Post by BlueHermit21 » Sun Jul 31, 2022 12:10 pm

You mention intermittend fasting, which is awesome and NOT stressful to a C-PTSD Nervous System.
I usually just eat later in the morning, I don't stress my nervous system with 3day fasts at this point. Not yet anyway.
With autism it is tricky, and I am no happy camper when being hangry. lol
Agree, fasting is like Amanita, worked with and treated with all respect.
Diet plays a very big role in "autoimmune disease" - I am living proof of that myself.
Since I went meatbased, I resolved chronic backpain, hip pain, joint pain, brain fog, digestive issues, super dry skin, depression within 3months of switching to carnivory.
I was a very strict carnivore for almost 3 years.
I could not resolve the Migraines and Histamine Intolerance issues however...
But quality of life had much improved, thanks to carnivory.
But I still had the trauma stuff to heal, which is where Amanita Muscaria came in, last December 2021, when I ATE it in a stew, it resulted in being an accidental hero dose, but it was EXACTLY, what I needed.
I did not want to believe it, but indeed histamine intolerance has been resolved, as now I can be sure of it, it is summer, and in other years in summer I had flare ups and summer flu symptoms and such, this year nothing of that sort, although we have a hot summer, more so than recent years. I still, as an autistic, hate summer heat, and struggle with it from the sensory overload, however the histamine intolerance part of heat intolerance has been resolved, thanks to this hero dose, that has healed my gut.
In regards to trauma, it is intense ongoing work and bits and pieces get re-integrated, and then I no longer react to triggers in the same way. Which is such a relief.
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