Potential treatment for lyme disease

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Potential treatment for lyme disease

Post by Amanita Research » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:00 pm

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Re: Potential treatment for lyme disease

Post by Rhythmspring » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:03 am

I have Lyme. I can confirm that Amanita muscaria reduces brain fog, reduces inflammation, and makes me more relaxed and stronger at the same time. Plus, it's fun.

It hasn't amounted to a cure, but it definitely points me in the right direction. I think diet is also a really important factor in overcoming Lyme disease.

It's worth mentioning that other psychedelics, such as mushrooms, ayahuasca, and mescaline-containing cacti have had a greater impact on reducing my joint inflammation and brain fog, but Amanita shines in the "grounded energy/strength" category, and it's less "trippy."

EDIT: Like the blog stated, I *also had the experience of my mind settling on RED for that something that I needed to feel better. I kept asking myself: "What's red?" I made a list:

Amanita muscaria
Peppermint tea
Japanese knotweed root tea
Cat's claw tea

All of these things (except for blood, unless it's beef blood) are good for Lyme. Beef in SMALL amounts. Like Edgar Cayce (the historical medical psychic) said what was good for rheumatoid arthritis: Gradually increasing doses of BEEF JUICE.

Anyway, take your pic. Amanita is certainly red, and has certainly made a dent in my symptoms. But be careful and conscious about how you go about taking them.
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