Fleece cultivation

The Ambrosia Society was created by Don Teeter as a result of his research into Amanita Muscaria. They came to some very interesting conclusions although some of their work related to what they called 'the fleece' was later shown to be erroneous.
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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by cavo » Tue Jan 17, 2023 9:57 am

"Fleece" grows. Some are heavily sporulating and some are clean white. Why this happens?
Maybe someone could help me IDing, @Mcpato ,@fantanyl ,@Splinters and Shards , @stanley_haze ,
@T36 or anyone else still active with the fleece?
Has anyone new informarions about fleece effects?
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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by fantanyl » Sat Feb 11, 2023 4:38 pm

cavo wrote:
Tue Jan 17, 2023 9:57 am
Hello, ...
hey cavo, nice to have you here!

sorry for the late reply,
Of course i can't guarantee anything, but to me it looks like the fleece! :D
If its spreading extremly fast, it should definitly be the fleece.
if you arent sure if there are other organisms remaining, I'd do one or more additional transfers, try to take nothing apart from some of the little black spores with some sterile tweezers and transfer them into an as small as possible new jar with some of your barley or some other nutrient. Pressure cook the jar before inoculation and the inoculation is best done in an as sterile as possible location. Sterile is the safe side but if you have a good inoculant (pure looking spores) the fleece is so fast, it ourgrows any other organism anyway (usually).
It does best in a warm environment with good aeration and no light.

After that the next quest can beginn -- as you probably have already read out of the thread here and in other forums, it isnt very trivial to get the desired effect of the fleece or even to find out what the desired effect acutally is -- I still am not sure.
I still cant say if the description the don in his book can under any circumstances be realistic.
And its very hard to find any real description of the effects ..
I think there is some factor we dont know yet.
there are some good theorys, like you could need the right genotyp of fleece, or it might need the right nutrients to produce actives .. maybe it needs to live in symbiosis with some other organism like some lactobacillus species or even the actual amanita mycelium.
Maybe there is some reverse tollerance thing going on, maybe from person to person the effect being so dramatically different is the cause of the cryptic descriptions of the effect or maybe you have to be very sensitive to realise it ...
I hope you have very much patience :)
If you are interested i can share the infos i have collected from the web.
and i still have new plans for further experimentation with the fleece, but a lot of other stuff is going on right now, and i'm trying myself in a couple of other not as advanced experiments at the moment to learn more about microorganisms in general.
But if the interest is still there i am very looking forward to share my future projects and exchange experiences at this topic as this is still a highly interesting cutting edge and i believe there are a lot of secrets with a LOT of potential still remaining waiting to be unveiled :)

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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by cavo » Tue Feb 28, 2023 12:48 pm

Thank you for responding @fantanyl ! :)

I did not get a notification for a reply on this subject, thats why i am responding late, sorry :(

I made an additional transfer but had much contamination with green mold (Ttrichoderma?).
It was surely too cold for the Fleece to compete the contaminations.
I will discard these fleeces and have to "resurrect" some new.

I read Teeter´s book first and the described effects (and the assumed historical relevance) raised my interest in the Fleece.
But if the effects are weak like if one think it could be placebo effect, it would not be worth for me.
Having some other issues at the moment i neglected my experimentation with the fleece.

The few describtions of effects are differing and maybe you are right.
There are much examples of plants especially where geno- or chemotype is not visible but makes a great change (e.g Phalaris, Cannabis, ...).
I am not very sensitive to substances so i hope the effects will be strong enough.

Despite of that i somewhat believe it has some potential, too.

If you have some more information for me i would be content.

I have no respect for the English language.

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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by stanley_haze » Thu Sep 14, 2023 7:03 pm

hi -

i haven't been here for some time now. i hope, everyone's doing alright and the living bread community is growing bigger.

mush love and happy new moon.

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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by csnap » Sun Sep 24, 2023 5:53 am

Hey I’m new here but wanted to say that I’m starting this endeavor myself. I have promising growth on an agar plate from AM that I found in the wild.
I made a post about my ambrosia attempt in a different thread, but am going to try growing on barley as well.
I’m skeptical this will have noticeable effects but I’m willing to try for the sake of experimentation.

Thanks to everyone who came before and shared all this knowledge.

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Re: Fleece cultivation

Post by cavo » Mon Sep 25, 2023 11:39 am

Hey everyone,

could someone maybe explain/ summarize the effects of the fleece?
Maybe in comparison to Amanita caps or are the effects just the same?
What i read until now the effects differ a bit.


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